Brand Strategy, Brand Audit & Deep Dig Meeting

During this 1 day workshop we’ll take you through exercises to define your vision and develop your department strategy. We’ll also audit what you’re currently doing to grow your brand. Following the meeting we’ll present a Brand Values Guide with your vision and values.

Social Media Strategy

We’ll clearly define a 1 year strategy based on your Brand Values Guide that will help you grow your brand through social media.

Brand Story

We’ll develop a compelling story for Surgeons For Sight that allows you to clearly share your vision.

Visual Identity & Styleguide

We’ll create a recognizable logo and identity system and give you tools to maintain consistency.

Print Booklet

We’ll create a 16-20 page booklet that highlights the story of Surgeons For Sight.

Welcome Kit

We’ll create a kit to help you recruit surgeons and volunteers. This tool is a great way to communicate your values and generate conversation.

Social Media Assets

We’ll create 30-40 social media tiles that help create recognizable content from Surgeons For Sight. 


We’ll create a 5-7 page site that compells people to join the mission of Surgeons For Sight.

Rollout Strategy

A key to growing your brand is creating clarity not confusion. We’ll outline a plan to ensure the rollout of your new brand assets are clear and cohesive.

Total: $16,750